Monthly Archives: April 2014

VMWare vCenter Appliance root Password Lockout

In our lab infrastructure we have two or three little ESXi hosts managed by a vCenter Appliance. A few days ago, suddenly root login was not possible anymore. Most of the other local accounts worked, however. My first thought was that someone changed the password and forgot to document that, however, no one lifted his… Read More »

Automated MySQL Database Backup for BackupPC

BackupPC is my preferred backup solution for quite a long time now, as it is relatively easy to set up and backup and recovery works like a charm. One tricky aspect is the automated backup of MySQL databases. With this post I would like to present my solution, which backs up all databases, stores them… Read More »

Atlassian Crowd and the Apache Connector

A short explanation first: personally, I really like the Atlassian products, such as Stash, Confluence, Jira and so on. I first got in touch with these tools at work, where we use them exclusively when developing software, the Confluence Wiki Software also for documenting network things.  In my free time, I do some PHP Software… Read More »