Atlassian Crowd and the Apache Connector

By | 21. April 2014

A short explanation first: personally, I really like the Atlassian products, such as Stash, Confluence, Jira and so on. I first got in touch with these tools at work, where we use them exclusively when developing software, the Confluence Wiki Software also for documenting network things.  In my free time, I do some PHP Software developing, I especially have a large project for the German Judo Federation. This project has started in 2011 and from the beginning I was using a version control system (started with SVN, later migrated to GIT) and a BugTracker (I must have went through all major systems, including Mantis, Trac, Bugzilla, Redmine again Trac)… until I finally decided to set up my own Atlassian suite, thanks to their “start for 10 bucks” principle, including Confluence, Stash, Jira, Bamboo and finally Crowd as SSO system.

With Crowd set up and some other development tools, which were running on a .htaccess protection, I decided to migrate them to Crowd, too. The easy part is the User and Group configuration in Crowd, also configuring the new Application in Crowd. A little bit more tricky is to get the Apache Crowd module running. Though there is a good explanation at the Atlassian Wiki, I hadsome problems getting the Crowd Apache Connector working. I basically followed the guide in their wiki, however in the end, Apache refused to start with the following error message:

I searched a little bit around the web and tried various things. In the end, the solution was quite simple: apache complained about missing symbols in “”… I just want to do basic authentication, and it seems the Atlassian installer tries to install both the basic authentication and SVN authentication plugin, but fails with the latter. As I do not need the SVN plugin, and only wanted to do basic authentication, I simply disabled the plugin:

And Apache restarted fine, including to load the Crowd connector. Now it simply was at me to finish the configuration based on their guide, and authentication works like a charm.

Hope this helps someone and cheers


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