Monthly Archives: August 2014

XMBCbuntu: Login screen bounces back

Just a quick note on XBMC. I today decided to migrate my Media PC from MythTV to XMBC and chose to install XMBCbuntu distribution. However, directly after installation, I was not able to login. Wrong credentials resulted in a accordingly message. With the correct credentials, however, the login splash disappears and bounces back diretly. I… Read More »

Understanding IP Proxy ARP

One of the somewhat confusing protocols in Layer 2 networking is Proxy ARP. Probably most of you already know how ARP works. In this post I will explain the principles behind Proxy ARP, and have a short look at the benefits and drawbacks. ARP Basics The Address Resolution Protocol is responsible to find the MAC… Read More »

Online Resize (non-root) Linux Partitions on VMWare Guests

Several VMs continuously need more HDD space, for example my BackupPC instance. For this reason I’ve put the actual data on a separate Hard Disk and partition, to allow an online-resize of the partition, if necessary. This article explains the procedure for Debian guest on a VMWare infrastructure, but it should work similar on other… Read More »