XMBCbuntu: Login screen bounces back

By | 17. August 2014

Just a quick note on XBMC. I today decided to migrate my Media PC from MythTV to XMBC and chose to install XMBCbuntu distribution. However, directly after installation, I was not able to login. Wrong credentials resulted in a accordingly message. With the correct credentials, however, the login splash disappears and bounces back diretly. I could not login, the login screen appeared again and again.

On the top of the screen you can switch between “xmbc” and “XBMCbuntu”. Choose the latter one and it was suddenly possible to login. However, XMBC cannot be started. Starting XBMC using the terminal, it revealed the cause: XMBC was not able to locate an OpenGL driver and just quit without any error message.

In my case, the graphics card is an integrated Intel card in the Core I3 processor. The minimal Ubuntu distribution however does not come with the appropriate driver shipped. After I had installed the driver using the installer provided by Intel, I could start XMBC again. Logout, Login again but choose “XMBC” instead of “XMBCbuntu” now and restart the system. It should now auto-boot into XMBC.

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