Crowd MySQL Connector v0.3 released

By | 4. January 2015


There has been an severe bug in the C3P0 implementation of version v0.3, which has been hot-fixed. Version v0.3.2 is now available and should be used.

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Today I am proud of releasing a new version of the Crowd MySQL Connector. The Connector can be used as Custom Directory in Atlassian Crowd to access users and groups from an existing user source located in an MySQL table.

Version v0.3 adds the following new features:

  • Hash function is now configurable. In Version 0.2, the hash function was hardcoded to sha512 with double salting. Now, you can use the attributes to configure the salt method as well has the hash methods. See the project page for further details.
  • C3P0 is now used as connection manager to avoid disconnected MySQL connections, which leads to the temporary removal of users and groups from the directory. There are some settings which need to be done, have a look at the README file, or the project page.

You can download the pre-compiled JAR file here. To compile the source code manually, have a look at the project page.

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