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NAT Cloud in EVE-NG Community Edition

EVE-NG is a great network simulation tool available for free (Community Edition) which supports running all kind of network nodes (ASAv, NX-OSv, CSR1000v, Arista vEOS, and so on). There is a long list of supported images on their site. I used it to prepare for my CCIE R&S switching exam and am now using it… Read More »

Bash One-Liner to Calculate Remaining Days of SSL Certificates

Consider you have a bunch of SSL certificates and just want to know how long it is still valid. From the linux command line, this is a one-liner just giving you the number of days this certificate is still valid:

monolog-mysql version 1.0.3 released

Today I released a new version of my MySQL connector for Monolog. Based on a pull request by stefandoorn one new features and bugfixes are included. Basically, better inheritance support is provided, by making some attributes protected, and by changing the method signature. In particular, you now don’t have to pass along an initialized PDO… Read More »

Crowd MySQL Connector v0.3 released

[UPDATE] There has been an severe bug in the C3P0 implementation of version v0.3, which has been hot-fixed. Version v0.3.2 is now available and should be used. — Original Post — Today I am proud of releasing a new version of the Crowd MySQL Connector. The Connector can be used as Custom Directory in Atlassian… Read More »

XMBCbuntu: Login screen bounces back

Just a quick note on XBMC. I today decided to migrate my Media PC from MythTV to XMBC and chose to install XMBCbuntu distribution. However, directly after installation, I was not able to login. Wrong credentials resulted in a accordingly message. With the correct credentials, however, the login splash disappears and bounces back diretly. I… Read More »

VMWare vCenter Appliance root Password Lockout

In our lab infrastructure we have two or three little ESXi hosts managed by a vCenter Appliance. A few days ago, suddenly root login was not possible anymore. Most of the other local accounts worked, however. My first thought was that someone changed the password and forgot to document that, however, no one lifted his… Read More »

Automated MySQL Database Backup for BackupPC

BackupPC is my preferred backup solution for quite a long time now, as it is relatively easy to set up and backup and recovery works like a charm. One tricky aspect is the automated backup of MySQL databases. With this post I would like to present my solution, which backs up all databases, stores them… Read More »

Atlassian Crowd and the Apache Connector

A short explanation first: personally, I really like the Atlassian products, such as Stash, Confluence, Jira and so on. I first got in touch with these tools at work, where we use them exclusively when developing software, the Confluence Wiki Software also for documenting network things.  In my free time, I do some PHP Software… Read More »