During my work, I have implemented several projects, some of which I want to release to the public. On this page you will find a summary of all projects.

PHP Class for All-Inkl KAS API is a Webhoster in Germany, which provides an API for automated access to your data, such as account settings, (sub-)domains, databases, cronjobs, mail accounts, and so on. This API is called the KAS API. To learn more about it, visit the official KAS API Documentation. This project provides a PHP Class for All-Inkl KAS API requests; it encapsulates the available KAS API SOAP requests in a way easy to use. The project is available at GitHub, the preferred installation is to use Composer.

Monolog MySQL Handler

Monolog is a logging framework for PHP. Monolog supports several handlers to store the log files to many different systems, such as file system, eMail or many databases. However, currently no handler for MySQL exists. In this Project I created a MySQL Handler for Monolog, which is available via Composer and can be used in your project. The project is available at GitHub, or look at the project site.

Atlassian Crowd Connector for MySQL Databases

Atlassian Crowd is a SSO solution by Atlassian, which is mainly used to provide centralized User Management and SSO for other Atlassian Projects. The MySQL Directory Connector is a Project, which allows to fetch users from an existing MySQL Database, possibly from another application, when no LDAP or similar interface exists. At the current stage it supports reading and authenticating users, reading groups and group memberships.

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